My story

Hi, my name is Henrik Veeäär. This is my story.

I found my passion for music production on a random evening of the year 2000 while recording songs to a cassette tape from a local radio station. The young me had been just enjoying the music up to that point and little did I know the next song was about to change my life.

And there it was. A simple but powerful electronic piece that made me go “WOW”.

I spent the coming days thinking how can I make something so awesome I just heard on the radio.
Fortunately for me my uncle was a professional musician and into music tech so on one day I played the tape for him and asked quietly if there’s a way to create something similar.

The answer was “YES!”

I was introduced to a some software and the learning begun. To this day I’m constantly finding ways to improve my skills to deliver a better experience for everyone I work with.

Let’s work together!