How it works

Let’s get started!

    How it works

    So You can get the finished mix as fast as possible I’ve developed a plan over the years:
    1. Send me a demo or a prepared multitrack for review and quote. See the preparation guide below
    2. I get back to you in two workdays with a quote
    3. I’ll start working and get back to you with first version in 7 days
    4. Revision time – You give your thoughts, ideas and changes and I’ll make it happen
    5. When you’re happy with the mix I’ll wait for the payment and then send you the master files.
    I’ll provide a basic master with every mix I do however I believe in craftsman who specialize and therefore always recommend the master to be done by a second pro engineer.

    What's included

    • WAV and MP3 versions of the final main mix
    • Instrumental mix*
    • Performance mix**
    • Vocal pitch correction (if needed)
    • Drum replacement (if needed)
    • Basic mastering (or premaster if mastered elsewhere)
    • Unlimited revisions in 30 days***
    • A professional and friendly service
    Please let me know if you need any special services like radio edits or stems.

    * Instrumental version means all vocals are removed from the mix. Useful for commercials, film etc.
    ** Performance version is a mix with main vocals muted.
    *** 30 days are counted from the first version sent.

    Every great mix starts with a good sounding recording. Do you want some tips to transform amateur recordings to professional sounding?