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Welcome to Lakeside Sound

You’ve spent countless hours writing and recording Your song. It deserves to be mixed professionally.

Many online services are creating mixes based on templates which allows for little creativity. However You and Your music are unique. That’s why I’m offering a personalised mixing and mastering services to make Your dreams come true.

Mixing and mastering done at home can be fun but could often lead to frustration because your song doesn’t measure up with commercially released stuff. Eventually You might get it right however it can take enormous amount of Your time. You could be creating new songs in that time! Communicating with fans! I’m here to lift the weight off your shoulders and make it as easy as possible. Release your music faster and gain fans quicker!

It is my priority that you to leave with a great product so
I guarantee You’ll like the first mix or get the money back!

The great thing about mixing and mastering services online is it’s quick, easy! A big plus is You can listen to the track in Your own familiar and comfortable environment.

Hear the magic

  1. Apart (POP/TRAP) Gabin X Digital Anarchy 1:00
  2. Donuts (RAP) KiROT 1:00
  3. Tuuleiil (HIP-HOP) Maxtract 1:00
  4. Mask (POP) Sabina Nova 1:00
  5. The last train (POP/ROCK) Johanna Randmann 1:00
  6. Coming in hot (POP/ROCK) Brad McDonell 1:00
  7. Inglihääl (POP/BALLAD) Anette Maria Rennit 1:00
  8. Sinu juurde (POP) Loudi 1:00
  9. Freedom (POP) Eluiil 1:00
  10. Venice dream (POP) Harry Koop 0:54
  11. Strange men (SINGER-SONGWRITER) Maribel Ermel 1:00
  12. Muusika hinges (POP/FOLK) Antsud 1:00


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